Saudi Arabia to reopen cinemas, gyms and restaurant dining on Sunday

At long last, some good news for us…

Precautionary measures to curb the spread of Covid-19 regarding the suspension of cinemas, gyms and dining-in services will not be extended as of Sunday, according to a statement by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior.

The directives, which stopped all entertainment activities and events, were first announced on February 3. The suspension was then extended on February 14 for another 20 days.

Cinemas have been closed for a month, along with indoor entertainment centres, indoor games venues, gyms and sports centres. The regulations also put a pause on dining out, with only takeaway and delivery permitted from restaurants and cafes.

However, as of March 7, they will now reopen, although some restrictions will stay in place. All events and parties will continue to be suspended until further notice. This includes weddings, corporate meetings and events in banquet halls, independent wedding halls, hotel wedding venues and tents used for social events.

Social gatherings remain restricted to a maximum of 20 people. The ministry urged people to adhere to measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at all times.

Inspection campaigns will also reportedly be increased during the reopening phase to ensure that both individuals and businesses are adhering to the precautionary measures, with strict fines imposed on violators.

The source also indicated that the authorities are measuring the Covid-19 situation very closely and it will be subject to continuous evaluation depending on new developments.

The Saudi Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing recorded 1,226 breaches of protocol and shut down 366 establishments over the past month.

The Kingdom reported 384 new cases and five deaths as of Friday, March 5, bringing the total to 379,092 cases and 6,519 deaths, with 369,922 recoveries to date.

Image: Pixabay