Jeddah Season welcomes two million visitors in its first month

The next month is set to be just as spectacular…

Jeddah Season is in full swing and the first month of the festival has already been a spectacular success. The latest figures show that two million visitors attended the festival in less than a month.

The visitors have been made up of residents and tourists, all of whom belong to different age groups and nationalities. The festival also coincided with the footballing star Lionel Messi being announced as the official brand ambassador for Saudi Arabia’s tourism, and saw Messi visit some of the city and the festival’s sights.

Jeddah Season is part of the country-wide Saudi Seasons festival initiative, which includes Riyadh Season from November and Sharqiyah Season in March. Jeddah Season returned at the start of May for the first time since 2019, bringing with it a roster of 2,800 events that will take place across the months of May and June.

The festival includes an exciting list of activities and events, which cover exhibitions, concerts, theatre shows, carnivals, fireworks and entertainment zones. The nine zones include Jeddah’s Superdome, Al-Jawhara Stadium, Jeddah Jungle, Jeddah Yacht Club, Jeddah Art Promenade, Jeddah Pier, Prince Majed Park, City Walk and Al-Balad.

We’re here to help break down the mind-boggling scale: so that’s 140 restaurants and cafés, 70 immersive experiences, 60 entertainment rides, one international circus – which was Cirque du Soleil, no less – four international exhibitions, five beach activities and two international plays.

There are an amazing array of events announced for June, too, from Arabic singers to an anime village, Stan Lee’s Super Con and a jungle safari. So make sure you head to the city and see what two million people already know – Jeddah Season is the place to be right now.

Images: Instagram/Provided