An Asador De Aranda Riyadh is officially happening

The brand already has locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai…

Spanish cuisine is popular in Riyadh, and as such there are some incredible options to dine on the food here in the city. Luckily for us, we’ll be getting a brand-new Asador de Aranda Riyadh in Laysen Valley.

Food at the venue is known to be made with a special technique of slow cooking in clay. This is done to improve the texture and enhance the quality of food without compromising on the nutritional qualities of the produce. In fact, the name of the restaurant translates to ‘roasting restaurant.’

With nearly 20 outposts all over the world including Doha, Spain, and soon in France too, Asador de Aranda’s vibe is very much all about traditional Spanish home-cooking done well.

The OG Asador de Aranda opened its doors in 1963 in Castilla y Leon serving roast lamb prepared in a wood-fired oven, and to this day, the brand has barely altered its cooking style.

The restaurant is also a haven for vegans and vegetarians providing exquisite options for each, plus a completely customizable menu for people with any food intolerances.

The decor in each of the spaces pays homage to the OG location, showcasing an old-fashioned vibe complete with wooden columns, heavy oak tables, and black and white framed photos. And while no details have been revealed about the Riyadh location just yet, we imagine a similar elegant atmosphere will follow through wherever the brand goes.

Visit: asadordearandainternacional.com

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