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25 must-try restaurants and cafes in AlUla with awesome vibes

World-class chefs, mouth-watering menus, and spectacular scenery…

The ancient city of AlUla has welcomed a growing number of restaurants in the past years. From traditional Saudi feasts, fusion delights, and casual dining experiences, AlUla’s vibrant gastronomic landscape is set to expand with ten new restaurants and cafes opening in AlUla and its neighbouring oases of Khaybar and Tayma.

Weaving together warm Saudi hospitality, the freshest local produce, and unforgettable dining experiences, the eateries take visitors on a flavourful culinary journey from the farms of AlUla Oasis, the city’s verdant heart, to the food lovers’ table.

We’ve rounded up 25 must-try restaurants and cafes in AlUla – some new and not-so-new – with good food and awesome vibes.


Being food truck AlUla

This buzzy food truck experience offers a sizzling menu of barbecued meats, including mouthwatering ribs, fresh-off-the-flames burgers, and smokehouse-style melt-in-your-mouth brisket. It also offers crispy French fries, fresh salads and Arabic desserts.

Being, AlJadidah Arts District, AlUla. 

Caribou Coffee (New)

Unwind with a casual coffee experience at the popular chain Caribou Coffee, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with Tayma’s fresh oasis in a serene location opposite AlRumman Palace.


Circolo AlUla

On the rustic outskirts of AlJadidah, a serene oasis surrounds Circolo, an Italian restaurant that serves as the perfect spot for a long, lazy lunch. There’s a variety of food on offer, from carefully crafted small plates to artisan pizza fresh from the wood-fired oven. Must-orders include citrus risotto, fried goat cheese salad with a blood orange dressing, black pasta lobster, veal Milanese and pesto burrata pizza. If you’re feeling stuffed after a hearty meal at Circolo, go for a walk through the beautiful AlUla Oasis trail, which is easily accessible from the restaurant.

Circolo, AlJadidah district, Oasis square, daily 12.30pm to 11.30pm. Tel: 053 335 3201. Reservations can be made here. @circolo.pizza

Entrecôte Café de Paris

Entrecote AlUla

Started in 1930 in Geneva, this Cafe de Paris transports diners to the Rue Mont Blanc. A small set menu – perfected with time – serves a delicate green salad, the illustrious Entrecote cut of steak, homemade French fries and their butter sauce, whose recipe is kept secret and specially flown in exclusively from Geneva.

Entrecôte Café de Paris, AlUla Old Town. Reservations can be made here

Fresh House (New)

Fresh House

Born from the vision of two Saudi minds, Fresh House promises quick, fresh, and healthy food options that are both nourishing and delicious. From poke bowls to Indian curries and Mexican wraps, there’s always something fresh and interesting, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Fresh House, Old Town, AlUla, daily 8am to midnight. 



Set in the stunning Banyan Tree AlUla, local chefs use produce directly sourced from AlUla’s sustainable farms to create their eclectic fine dining menu. From relaxed lunches to lively evenings, this vibrant restaurant offers a range of dishes, from seafood to Middle Eastern mezze, pasta, and fresh grills; there is something for every taste. Decorated with handmade rugs and local earthenware, guests will find a truly authentic experience at this rustic restaurant. Shisha is also available.

Harrat at Banyan Tree, Banyan Tree AlUla, daily 7am to 1am. Reservations can be made here

Heart of the Oasis (New)

Heart of the Oasis AlUla

Innovative Saudi chefs at Heart of the Oasis marry cultural heritage with culinary finesse, presenting a menu that ranges from eggplant rolls to tomahawk steaks. Each dish narrates a fresh tale of the ‘oasis to plate’ concept, showcasing the richness, innovation and authenticity of Saudi cuisine.

Heart of the Oasis, Oasis, AlUla, daily 9am to 3.30pm & 4.30pm to midnight. Reservations can be made here

Khaybar Cafe (New)

Enhancing this neighbouring oasis rich in geological treasures, Khaybar Cafe invites visitors to savour coffee and sweets in the Ain AlJama area, providing an all-day immersive experience amidst the raw beauty of its volcanic surroundings.

Kholasa Café (New)

Kholasa Cafe

Visitors to Hegra, Saudi’s first Unesco World Heritage Site, can now enjoy a unique coffee experience at Kholasa Café, known for its diverse menu of hot and cold drinks, croissants, cakes, cookies, and more. The café is located at Hegra’s visitors centre.

Kholasa Café at Hegra, Hegra Visitors Centre, daily 6am to midnight. 

Maraya Social

Maraya Social Outdoor

Enjoy an evening on the rooftop of the world’s largest mirrored building at Chef Jason Atherton’s restaurant. Here, the cuisine takes inspiration from AlUla with produce sourced from local farms; all served up in Chef Atherton’s signature style.

Maraya Social, Maraya, Tues to Sat 6pm to 11.30pm & Weekend Brunch Fri & Sat 12.30pm to 3.30pm. Reservations can be made here.


Myazu AlUla

Experience Japanese fine dining in a chic atmosphere at Myazu. Located at the poolside of Shaden Resort, the restaurant serves modern dishes using traditional techniques and the finest quality ingredients. Offerings include melt-in-your-mouth wagyu tataki, smoked toro with jalapeno, robata chicken, and mushroom rice cooked in claypot, to name just a few.

Myazu, Shaden Resort, Thurs to Sat 6pm to 1am & Sun to Wed 6pm to midnight. Tel: 9200 22395. @myazusaudi


Set atop the beautiful outlook area of Harrat Uwayrid is OKTO, an upscale, contemporary Greek restaurant developed by a top-rated chef, Ntinos Fotinakis. We suggest arriving at OKTO before sundown to soak up the sights and sounds of the golden hour at Harrat Viewpoint, then find a seat at the stunning all-black bar or near the cosy bonfire lounge area. Slithers of deep-fried halloumi, lamb chops marinated with kalamata olives, and crispy chicken gyros are among our favourite dishes on the menu.

OKTO, Harrat Viewpoint, daily 1pm to 9pm. Reservations can be made here. Tel: 054 443 4147. @okto.sa

Pink Camel Pastry Boutique

Pink Camel AlUla

Tucked away in AlUla’s famous date palms and citrus trees, the atmosphere at Pink Camel is laid-back and lively, which makes it a great place to pop into when visiting AlUla. It serves delicious coffee and pastries, as well as healthy soups and salads. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options are also available. Try their famous macarons, have some coffee and spend a perfect afternoon on their lovely terrace.

Pink Camel Pastry Boutique, AlWadi, daily 8am to 8pm. Reservations can be made here. @pinkcamelksa


PPL. AlUla

For those looking for fresh, healthy options, PPL. is your place. Grab a salad, sandwich, juice or coffee and find your people. For those wanting to stop awhile at a spot overlooking the Incense Road to read a book or hang out with friends, grab a seat on their terrace.

PPL., AlJadidah Arts District, AlUla, daily 8am to 11pm. 

Respire Lounge (New)

Respire Lounge

A first cafe of its kind in Saudi Arabia, Respire Lounge is an innovative environmentally sustainable spot fuelled by eco-friendly technology as integral to its mission to promote green lifestyles. Contender for the hippest coffee shop in town, Respire Lounge combines cool, contemporary design with barista-brewed coffee and top-notch bites. Sweet treats include their signature tiramisu, as well as pecan pie and cheesecake, some made with keto-friendly ingredients.

Respire Lounge, AlUla Old Town, AlUla, daily 8am to midnight. 



Saffron, Banyan Tree’s signature Thai restaurant, offers guests the quintessential taste of contemporary Thai Cuisine prepared by Thai chefs, the first of its kind in AlUla. The scent of lemongrass and the unmistakable flavours of coconut milk and spices give guests the true taste of Thailand in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula.

Saffron, Banyan Tree AlUla, Tue to Sun 7pm to 1am. Reservations can be made here


Salt AlUla

SALT is taking its food truck inspired menu off-roading and parking its latest branch in front of AlUla’s iconic Elephant Rock. Juicy burgers, moreish sliders and perfectly salted fries are the familiar favourites here, as well as SALT’s sweet-tooth-satisfying soft serve.

SALT, Elephant Rock, Sat to Wed 4pm to midnight, Thurs & Fri 2pm to 1am. @findsalt

Samrah Café (New)

Nestled amidst the old mud buildings of the historic oases of Tayma, Samrah Café offers a unique experience blending traditional coffee crops with locally renowned sweets, all savoured while drinking in stunning views.

SASS’ AlUla (New)


SASS’, named after its owner “Sassa”, is one of the most historical venues in Monte Carlo, where guests can dine, drink and dance all night long. Since 1993, this legendary venue and celebrities hotspot brought to this stage with word-to-mouth, welcomes international guests from all generations looking for prestige and party. Set in this awe-inspiring desert scenery, the brand-new SASS’ is offering what it does the best; dinner followed with immersive beats of DJ to guarantee a one-of-a-kind restaurant experience in the heart of AlUla.

SASS’ AlUla, Tues to Sat 8pm to 2am. Reservations can be made here


Somewhere AlUla

A farm-to-table concept situated in AlJadidah’s Cultural Oasis District. The restaurant offers outdoor dining and a specially designed menu that serves modern dishes with authentic Mediterranean flavours.

Somewhere, Cultural Oasis District, Thurs to Sat 10am to midnight & Sun to Wed 1pm to midnight. Tel: 9200 24788. Reservations can be made here. @somewhere

Suhail Old Town

Suhail Old Town AlUla

Inspired by the ancient spices of the Arabian Peninsula and time-honoured traditions, Suhail offers an exciting take on traditional Saudi dishes in a fine dining concept. We highly suggest the watermelon salad, camel meat artichoke, chicken saleeq and lamb cooked on a marekh served with basmati rice.

Suhail Old Town, AlUla Old Town, Mon to Sat 1pm to 11pm. Tel: 9200 0269 / 053 558 8151. Reservations can be made here. @suhail_saudi

Tama at Habitas

Tama at Habitas

Located in the stunning Habitas eco-resort, Tama is much more than a restaurant. Meaning ‘here and now’ in Aramaic, Tama embodies one of Habitas’ core brand experiences, the essence of being present and keeping people in the here and now. The menu infuses global and middle eastern cuisines, and the ingredients are sourced from local farms in communities surrounding AlUla to bring seasonal, fresh flavours to the table. Freshly baked bread from Tama’s artisanal bakery pairs perfectly with local jams, ginger honey, or an avocado citrus smash. Hibiscus tea is transformed with rosemary, cloves, and star anise. Decadent desserts infuse flavours of the oasis, from toffee date cake to baked cheesecake with kumquat compote.

Tama at Habitas, Habitas AlUla, Ashar Valley, AlUla, daily 7am to midnight. Reservations can be made here. Tel: 014 821 3900. Ourhabitas.com


Wacafe AlUla

Mouthwatering croissants and scrumptious cinnamon rolls fill the cases at Wacafe. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in at this great AlUla Old Town café.

Wacafe, AlUla Old Town, daily 8am to 1am. @wacafecoffee

Coming soon: Café RUC 

Transporting the essence of Parisian brasseries to AlUla, Café RUC offers a cosy and intimate atmosphere to diners. From breakfast through to dinner, the café presents an international clientele with a selection of typically French dishes, creating an ideal urban and cultural meeting place. Expect an elegantly crafted selection of upscale brasserie-style cuisine, with typically French signature standouts such as onion soup au gratin, beef bourguignon and veal kidneys with mushrooms.

Café RUC, AlUla Old Town, AlUla, daily 8am to midnight. 

Coming soon: Villa Fayrouz 

Pioneering Lebanese cuisine, Villa Fayrouz boasts over two decades of expertise in crafting authentic Middle Eastern flavours. From charcoal-grilled meats to homemade pastries and an array of mezze, this elegantly styled restaurant promises an unforgettable culinary journey inspired by years-old culinary tradition.

Villa Fayrouz, Huna in Old Town, AlUla, daily 9am to 10pm.

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