All the things we know that are coming to Riyadh’s Laysen Valley

It is set to become a hotspot for F&B and a desirable corporate location…

Laysen Valley development is one of Riyadh’s upcoming and most prominent real estate projects. Located opposite the city’s Diplomatic Quarter, it is a mixed-use complex consisting of over 50 residential, commercial, and retail buildings, including hotels, hospitals, offices of major corporations and government departments, as well as gourmet dining outlets.

Laysen Valley

Here are some of the things that you can check out at Laysen Valley right now and others that you can look forward to.

Now Open


This coffee shop from Al Khobar deserves to be a stop on your list. Find a seat inside and sip on a velvety, house-roasted flat white. Combine your brew with a brownie cookie, and you’ll get yourself a match made in Laysen Valley.

Caffeination, Laysen Valley, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, daily 7am to 1am. @caffeinationco


The most recent to open its doors in Laysen Valley is internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning, contemporary Japanese restaurant Sumosan. Designed by Bishop Design by Paul Bishop, the space is sleek and ultra-modern with warm and earthy accents, complemented by wooden panelling and statement chandeliers. The dining room boasts a theatre kitchen where you can watch the chefs at work. In terms of food and drinks, expect classic dishes such as lobster salad, wagyu beef gyoza, and miso-marinated black cod, to name a few, as well as some new items to be adapted for local tastes without wavering from the Sumosan ethos.

Sumosan, Laysen Valley, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, Sun to Thu 1pm to 4pm, 7pm to 12.30am, Fri to Sat 1pm to 12.30am. @sumosan.riyadh



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A coveted French luxury brand with restaurants in Miami, Dubai, London, and Bahrain (there’s even a pop-up in Jeddah), to name a few, this is very exciting for Riyadh. Bagatelle, known for its lively atmosphere, upbeat music, and delicious French-Mediterranean food, will undoubtedly be one of the best spots in Riyadh to spend with your friends and family. Expect a strong focus on fresh, clean flavours and ingredients as the centre of the concept, with French classics enlivened with innovative flavours and a lighter approach to dining. From seafood pasta to an array of truffle dishes, the menu will offer a range of options for everyone. The space at Bagatelle Riyadh will be designed by Bishop Design by Paul Bishop, an international multi-award-winning interior design firm based in Dubai and Miami.

Bagatelle Riyadh, Wadi Al Amariyah, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, daily 1pm to 1am. @bagatelleriyadh

COYARD Coffee Roasters


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Started in 2018, COYARD Coffee Roasters offers high-quality coffee and they are particularly known for roasting and serving up consistently. The main feature of COYARD is that they are unique in the way they brew their coffee. If you are looking for flavourful coffee that will give you that wow feeling, COYARD coffee is what you need.

COYARD Coffee Roasters, Laysen Valley, Sun to Thu 7am to 11.30pm, Fri 1pm to midnight, Sat 8am to 11pm. @coyardco



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Halepi is, hands down, one of the best Greek restaurants in London, known for its homely and hearty fare, and we definitely can’t wait for its debut in the Kingdom. Two dishes stand out as the most popular: milk-fed lamb shoulder and the taramasalata (a Greek dip). Details are still thin on the ground, but here’s hoping the menu at its upcoming location in Riyadh’s Laysen Valley will offer all the buzz of a Greek holiday… with the sun but without the sea.

Halepi, Laysen Valley, daily 1pm to 1am. @halepi.sa



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Short for North Audley Canteen, NAC is a chic restaurant in London’s Mayfair, famed for its photogenic interior and French bistro-style menu. Expect fantastically fresh and innovative food all afternoon (and night) long, perfect for sharing with friends, plus a selection of perfect patisseries and desserts. Some of the menu highlights include ricotta pancakes with Dulce de Leche and banana and honey French toast with raspberries, clotted cream and speculoos.

NAC Riyadh, Laysen Valley, daily 8am to 12.30am. @nacmayfair



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Deriving from South African roots and being a first of its kind, NOOA, which stands for ‘Naturally Out Of Africa’, is a culinary lifestyle brand experience with a vanguard collection of the most indulgent teas and coffees. Designed by Bishop Design by Paul Bishop, stepping into NOOA is like teleporting to the beautiful city of Cape Town. Guests can expect striking visual attractions that beautifully portray the city, cinematic lighting with relaxing music and velvet seats, plus a delicious menu. And when it does open, sit back amongst the beautiful people and get caffeinated with its signature Ladha blend. Meticulously selected and expertly roasted, each of its small-batch, speciality coffee offers a distinctly luxurious experience.

NOOA Riyadh, Laysen Valley, 8.30am to midnight. @nooasaudi



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A family-run Italian restaurant, Santini was established in 1984 by Gino Santini and is known to be Frank Sinatra’s all-time favourite London restaurant. Today, the restaurant is overseen by his daughter Laura, who brings her own special touch to the business. Santini’s menu celebrates the simplicity of the most authentic Italian cuisine with Venetian influence, using fresh, light flavours of the best ingredients. So, look forward to homemade pasta like spinach and Ricotta ravioli, and dishes such as Venetian-style grilled scallops, poached sea bass with herb and balsamic dressing, and perhaps, their signature traditional Roman apple fritters for dessert. The space at Santini will also be designed by Bishop Design by Paul Bishop.

Santini Riyadh, Laysen Valley, daily 1pm to 12.30am. @santinirestaurant

Mellow Nail Artistry

Mellow Nail Artistry has moved its location to Laysen Valley. The salon is known for its massive range of colours and gorgeous nail art. Don’t stop at your fingernails, though. Be sure to add their spa pedicure with shellac, so your nails are looking good, from head to toe.

Mellow Nail Artistry, Laysen Valley, daily 11am to 10pm. @mellownails.sa

Entrecôte Café de Paris

Popular Geneva-based eatery Entrecôte Café de Paris is known to serve some of the best steaks in town and Laysen Valley is about to get a brand new branch. Get ready to dig into banding cuts of meat slathered in the special homemade sauce.

Entrecôte Café de Paris, Laysen Valley, Umm Al Hamam Al Gharbi, Sun to Wed 1pm to 12.30am, Thu 1pm to 1.15am, Fri 2pm to 1.15am, Sat 2pm to 12.30am. @entrecote.sa

Pattern Concept Store


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Known for great and rare finds of unique brands of clothing, accessories and fragrances, Pattern is created to shine the spotlight on Saudi designers and artists. We’ve always loved their carefully curated collection of art and lifestyle goods, and we can’t wait for what this outlet has in store for us.


Coming soon


This vibrant restaurant concept from Kuwait (yes, they’re the same group behind Burger Boutique) will focus on upscale, international cuisine with a unique dining experience. It is keeping its exact plans under wraps, but diners will be entertained by open flame cooking demonstrations, and artisan pizzas will be cooked in a wood-fired oven.




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Looking to grab a nutritious snack or stock up on wellness wonders? You’ll soon be able to head to Biotic for organic food and produce, herbs, vitamins and supplements, and more. We’re hoping that this latest branch will come with food counters that feature salads, deli items, fresh juices and coffee to entice everyone from the raw foodist to the curious carnivore.


BT Burger

BT burger joint will open another location in Riyadh, offering a variety of burgers, fries and appetisers. Menu items include Rocca salad, toffee glazed shrimps, truffle fries, and its signature namesake burger, the BT Burger, which is made up of a juicy beef patty, cheese and crunchy onions sandwiched between buttered toasts.




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A brand-new name in Riyadh’s restaurant scene, Wadi will be offering a luxurious dining experience focused on Saudi fusion cuisine. The restaurant, which will be designed by Bishop Design by Paul Bishop, will also be serving hookah.

Al Mashreq Hotel Riyadh, Curio Collection by Hilton

Hilton has announced plans to debut Curio Collection by Hilton in Saudi Arabia with a new-build property in Riyadh. Al Mashreq Hotel Riyadh, Curio Collection by Hilton, featuring 185 guest rooms, is due to open its doors in 2024. Guests will have access to a range of facilities within the property, including an indoor pool and fitness centre, six meeting rooms and multiple F&B outlets to cater to hotel guests and the neighbouring community.


Em Sherif

Who doesn’t love some Lebanese food? And especially when it comes from the incredible venue of Em Sherif. We’re looking forward to digging into classics like Rose with milk, lamb with potatoes and more.




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When it comes to getting gourmet chocolate, Bateel is possibly one of the best choice. Known to have the finest gourmet dates too, there is no better gift than boxes of Bateel’s luxurious collection of dates and chocolates to give your loved ones.



Flying in from Paris, Ladurée is a beacon of history. The very first branch opened its doors way back 1862, and since then the brand has grown to be the go-to place for the best macarons.


Le Grenier à Pain

If you’re big on baked goods (who isn’t?), you’ve likely heard of Le Grenier à Pain. A French bakery and brunch concept, the venue is popular pretty much all around Saudi and now it looks like Laysen Valley is set to get a new branch, too.


Laysen Valley Business Park, Al Urubah Rd, Riyadh 12329. @laysenvalley

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