Juno from Qatar is opening in Riyadh soon

The Italian-inspired spot is opening in Laysen Valley soon…

Pizza, pasta, and cheese are the three things we think can take any day from drab to fab. And while there might be a lot of Italian restaurants in Riyadh, there are never enough. Welcome Juno Riyadh.

The family-friendly venue is all set to nestle into the dining destination, Laysen Valley. Juno’s menu caters contemporary versions of Italian classics.

The menu is divided into appetisers, salads, pizzas, mains and desserts, with each category featuring top-tier items including garlic bread, mini truffle arancini, stuffed burrata must-try options are the micro sliders which come in jalapeno and original in apps. Salad options are goat cheese salad, kale salad, and roasted corn salad.

Popular pizza options include J bufala, J Daytona ring and J truffle. For pasta, you can look forward to the truffle mafaldine, J fusilli, and the coveted cheese wheel pasta too.


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An elevated mac and cheese also awaits with the mac and truffle made with macaroni pasta, truffle sauce, truffle bechamel, and provolone cheese.

The dessert menu is short and sweet featuring a simple slice of tiramisu, or if you’re anything like us, the full tray.

Laysen Valley is already home to Asador De Aranda, SumosanEm Sherif Sea Café, and a ton of other places, so we’re excited to see what Juno Riyadh brings to the table.

Visit: @juno.ksa